World Hypertension Day – 17-you May

Dear friends, on today's May 17th, marked as World Hypertension Day , you will read and hear statistics, samples, analyzes and summaries of any type, such as :

– On a global scale, the cases of patients with hypertension and diabetes are increasing sharply.
– Arterial hypertension is the leading global risk for mortality.  9.4 million are the deaths per year worldwide. It is the cause of brain strokes, heart attacks, for heart failure and sudden cardiac death. 50 % of the incidents are in persons aged from 45 to 69 years.
– One in three people in the world has high blood pressure, and only one in three is effectively treated.
– You will learn, that in Bulgaria the situation with hypertension is not bad. It is very bad ! The patients in our country are around 55%, significantly more than the European average 35-40%. The statistics are staggering. More than two million people suffer from hypertension, and the adequate influence of the disease, with conventional methods and drugs, is too insignificant in the general background.
– High blood pressure significantly increases the risk of micro- and macrovascular disorders, increases the frequency of strokes, triples the likelihood of ischemic heart disease and accelerates the progression of diabetes, as well as accompanying diabetic nephropathy, retinopathy and neuropathy.
– Adequate treatment of hypertension improves quality and prolongs life.
– Obesity is the number one risk factor for arterial hypertension.

Obesity is most often associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, with reduced physical activity and psycho-social stress. The unhealthy one, artificial food, packed with dyes, co-preservatives and the like, is the single main factor in hypertension.

And more and more…The damage list and stats, associated with hypertension, could go on for several more pages.

The thing, which brings together this entire ocean of information, is that it only provides you with findings and dry facts, not offering solutions.  The media satisfied,  reflect the horrific facts, celebrate events and campaigns, but this is far from enough. Statistics, statistics and more statistics …

STOP !!! 

We, at Bell Homeopathy we strongly desire to help people in need.

This, what we offer is THE SOLUTION, and the base, on which we step, is the EXPERIENCE !
We offer you the unique for the Bulgarian market, homeopathic product HYPERBEL. This, which will provide you with HYPERBEL, is security and peace of mind, because:
HYPERBEL is a homeopathic product, successfully used to treat initial and prolonged hypertension. It is suitable:
–  in hypertensive crises with a risk of cerebrovascular accident.
–  in hypertensive crisis with tachycardia, throbbing headaches and warming of the face.
–  with large differences between systolic and diastolic pressure.

The season of great heat is coming, especially risky for people with hypertension. A HYPERBEL in your jacket pocket or handbag, is your most faithful assistant against the discomfort of high blood pressure. Hundreds have already tried HYPERBEL. Positive feedback makes us happy, excite and make us ambitious to give more and more of ourselves, to reach everyone in need. Health is the basic right of every person and there is no more humane mission than to help in the process of its recovery.

With respect,

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