Allergic diseases

Recently, an increasingly strong "allergization" of patients has been observed, seeking our help. We explain this phenomenon with the wrong way of life: consuming foods that are highly burdensome and allergenic to the body, sedentary life, the impure natural environment – ​​water and air, emotional stress, etc. More and more people suffering from various diseases of allergic origin are looking for alternative treatment with homeopathy to avoid the highly burdensome medications, with many side effects, which are also expensive. Homeopathic medicines are used in all age groups: from babies to seniors with impressive success.
The urticarial rash presents as clusters of rash units, appearing in different places on the skin. They range from pink to red , sometimes discolored in the middle and resembling the rash of a nettle sting. They appear on the basis of an allergic reaction and are the result of the local release of histamine, resulting in inflammation with itching and a burning sensation. This sudden rash is temporary. Most often, it disappears without a trace in a few hours or a few days. It can remain localized in one place or expand, including until the appearance of impressive swellings, especially on the eyelids.

In this case, it is called giant urticaria or Quincke's edema, which can be dangerous because of the accompanying swelling of the larynx and the danger of death from suffocation. Here, only the urgent intervention of classical medicine can help with timely application.
In urticaria, which appeared suddenly and recently, the trigger or allergen should be found:
-unlocking contact: nettles, insects...
-triggering cause: mostly cold, heat, sun, effort, emotional stress...
-food, which is known, that may lead to an urticarial crisis: berries, chocolate, fish…
-unlocking medication: aspirin, barbiturates, sulfonamides, penicillin, vaccines, serums…
In recurrent urticaria, a microbial cause should be sought, parasitic, fungal or endocrine origin.
Like that, that in these cases too, as always, Your homeopathic doctor must make an accurate diagnosis.

Treating yourself with homeopathy is so simple, as if we were to treat ourselves with any other therapeutic method. It should not be forgotten when using homeopathic medicines, that the pills are placed under the tongue and left until they are completely dissolved. It is recommended to take them half an hour before or after meals, as the oral cavity is clean. Homeopathy is an extremely harmless medicine, does not burden the body and is suitable for everyone.

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