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Creation and production of high quality, healthy and affordable homeopathic products.

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White medical pills. Pharmaceutical medicine pills, tablets and capsules.

Welcome to the official website of Bell Homeopathy Ltd.

The first entirely Bulgarian manufacturer of homeopathic products. We are newly created, an ambitious and fast-growing company. Our team of specialists successfully applies an innovative approach and a high standard in the technology for making homeopathic products., commensurate with world achievements homeopathy. Our aim is entirely to create and produce high quality, healthy and affordable homeopathic products, such, which are unparalleled in world production.

Homeopathy treatment is a strictly defined medical procedure, which requires a strong connection between the patient, the specialist homeopath and homeopathic products. The treatment with homeopathy itself is carried out in an atmosphere of trust and principles, which differ from allopathic medicine or phytotherapy. For successful homeopathic treatment, the patient must follow the rules very clearly, which the homeopath will ask him. To perfect the process of treatment with homeopathy, we from Bell Homeopathy Ltd. we take care, homeopathic medicines and homeopathic products to be of the highest quality, so that the patient and the homeopath can use them with faith in the good result, which they expect.
Homeopathic preparations of Bell Homeopathy Ltd., meet all the requirements for proper manufacturing practice. Our laboratories meet all quality standards, reliability of all pharmaceutical and regulatory requirements set by the laws and practices of world production. Our task is to strengthen patients' trust in homeopathic treatment, and to provide patients and homeopaths with the best homeopathic products.

Our impulse, innovative approach and our will to be the best are the guarantee, that all the advantages and benefits of homeopathy as a healing method will reach more people and they will have the opportunity to receive a cure for various health problems. We from Bell Homeopathy Ltd., we know how to help.
In our extremely rich product range, You will find homeopathic products like:
ALCOBEL and TOBACCO are the first homeopathic products in the world, developed and created by Us, for successful treatment of alcohol and nicotine addictions – for successful treatment of alcohol and nicotine addictions. for successful treatment of alcohol and nicotine addictions, representing the exclusive trademark of representing the exclusive trademark of, representing the exclusive trademark of.

representing the exclusive trademark ofSTRESSBEL representing the exclusive trademark of, irritability, anxiety, sleep disorders;
representing the exclusive trademark ofIMUNOBEL because keeping our immune system in excellent condition, is a key factor in our good health;
SLIMBEL for everyone, who struggle with excess weight, cellulite and stretch marks;
ASTNOBEL to treat asthma and any respiratory disorders;
HYPERBELL successfully affecting initial and prolonged hypertension;
MIGRANDBEL to overcome unpleasant headaches and migraine attacks;
SINUBEL to affect acute and chronic sinusitis. You can also buy our products online and our product range will gradually expand.

White medical pills. Pharmaceutical medicine pills, tablets and capsules.

Our pricing policy is formed and conditioned by the important condition for accessibility. Bell Homeopathy products are for everyone and every pocket. Because we live in difficult times and because we believe, that health should not be a privilege for the elect, a conscious choice and a real opportunity for everyone.

We are happy, when we help people choose!

Thank you for your trust!

From the team of Bell Homeopathy Ltd.

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